The Messenger
May 19 2010

Armenian analyst Ohanes Nikogosian is very much concerned about the
current warming of relations between Russia and Turkey. He says that
historically any such closeness has resulted in Armenia losing some
of its territories. He asks what price Armenia will pay for cordial
Russian-Turkish relations, as this alliance is absolutely against
Armenia's interest.

Nikogosian does however cite some factors which might prevent the
alliance between the two countries becoming very extensive. Turkish
membership of NATO is one, and another is a certain laziness in
US foreign policy towards Turkey and the entire region. It appears
that many decision making bodies are waiting for the outcome of the
forthcoming Parliamentary elections in Turkey, but Nikogosian thinks
that it is in Armenia's interests that the US gets more involved in
issues concerning this region, as Russia alone is unable to guarantee
Armenia's security currently.

The analyst thinks that the April visit of Armenia's President to
Washington was a good sign and suggests that Armenia should encourage
the US to get more involved in Armenian issues in general. He says
that an Armenian (not American) centre should be established in
Washington for this purpose.