Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE )
President-in-Office Mevlut Cavusoglu broke the diplomatic protocol by
refusing to visit Tsitsernakaberd, the Memorial to the victims of the
Armenian Genocide. Such kind of behaviour received condemnations from
hither and thither. Particularly, the article of the the founder of
British-Armenian All-Party Parliamentary group, Chair of the Chiltern
Armenia Society Odette Bazil has been widely spread on the internet.

It says: "It is unadmissible and is a serious breach of diplomatic
protocol that Mr Mevlut Casuvoglu , chairman of the PACE, while
representing PACE on an official visit to Armenia , has taken the
liberty to act as a Turkish parliamentarian driven by his hatred
towards the Host Country , rather than a responsible chairman lucky to
have the rare opportunity to represent such influential and important
organization. If a Turkish national has been chosen to represent a
European Organisation ( despite the fact that Turkey is NOT a member
of the European Union and might never be ) then that person should
understand his obligation to serve ONLY the organisation he represents
and not his own personal denialistic feelings."

"Has Mr Casuvoglu been given the choice to wear his Turkish fez and
outfit -which comes complete with the yataghan and the bayonet - ,
has he been made aware of the nature of his mission and has he been
briefed on the necessity to wear his chairman's hat at such occasion?"

Odette Bazil asks.

"The European Parliament has - REPEATEDLY and FORMALLY - recognised
the veracity of the Armenian genocide and Statements have been
issued to that effect in 1987, 2000, 2002 and 2005," O. Bazil writes
highlighting: "By refusing to visit the Memorial Monument erected
in Armenia to the memory of the one and half million victims of the
Armenian genocide - a genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman government
of 1915 and formally recognised by the organisation he represents -
Mr Casuvoglu has acted FOR Turkey's interest and AGAINST the interests
and decisions of PACE."

"Mr Casuvoglu must be recalled and replaced the soonest possible -
before October when he intends to re-visit and re-insult Armenia -
and maybe PACE must think now of electing a dozen of chairmans to
accommodate its every representative's likes and dislikes towards
the people of the countries where they are being sent," Odette Bazil
sums up.