"Five years ago I was saying that a shift is being made from the
1-2-baby family model. Today I cannot even insist on that. It seems
that the 1-child family model has started to be fixed. This will be
too bad. If this eventually becomes fixed by the people, then nothing
will be of help," demographic scientist Rubik Eganyan said at a press
conference today in response to's question about the situation
with the average Armenian family.

According to Eganyan today the state should encourage not the birth
of the third but of the second child in the family.

"Here we should at least try to keep the wealth [meaning the tradition]
of [having] the second child. If we do not succeed in it, there will
always be families that will have the third, the fourth child, but it
will not be serious to solve demographic problems at their expense,"
said Eganyan.

According to the data provided by Eganyan about 50-55% of children
born are the first ones in the family. It is about the 30% of the
population that has the second child, while the families that have
the third child, make a little less than 10% of the population.