2010-05-20 14:31:00

ArmInfo. The Georgian Embassy in Armenia neither confirms nor refutes
existence of the citizen Mardun Gumashyan. In late April Azerbaijani
media reported that Mardun Gumashyan is complicit in organization
of mass murder at the Oil Academy. Although Gumashyan is a citizen
of Georgia, the Azerbaijani special services tried their best to
"reveal Armenian roots" of the tragedy.

ArmInfo's request to the Georgian Embassy in Armenia to verify the
existence of Mardun Gumashyan (1951) residing (or registered) in
the village of Shulaver, Marneul region, Georgia. In response, the
diplomatic representation of Georgia refused to provide any data on
a private person, referring to the legislation of Georgia. In fact,
it is still questionable if the "organizer" of the bloodshed at the
Baku Oil Academy exists or not.

In addition, on April 30 the Azerbaijani media reported that Gumashyan
is on the Interpol wanted list. But, Interpol has not put Gumashyan
on the wanted list yet.

To recall, the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy shooting occurred on
April 30, 2009. A total of 12 people were killed (students and staff
members including the Deputy Principal of the institution) by an armed
assailant and several others were wounded. Responsible employees of
special task police unit, district police and prosecutor's offices
immediately arrived at the site. Seeing he will be rendered harmless
by the police the criminal committed suicide. He was identified as
the Georgian citizen Gadirov Farda Asad, 29. The General Prosecutor's
Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs established operational
investigative group and most of the persons contacted with Gadirov
were brought to justice: Amirov Javidan Farman Aliyev Nadir Shirkhan,
Suleymanov Najaf Novruz, Gabulov Ariz Zahid.