State Telegraph Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan
May 19, 2010 Wednesday

Head of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun parliamentary faction Vahan Hovhannisyan
said Armenian delegation to PACE has to do everything possible to
prevent resumption of the activity of PACE Subcommittee on Nagorno
Karabakh. According to him, today, Turkey rushes into the Minsk process
at a breakneck speed. I understand, it is difficult for our delegation
to initiate an impeachment of the PACE chief Movlud Chavuashoglu. It
is practically impossible, but we must prevent resumption of the
subcommittee`s activity, he said.

Chairman of PACE Movlud Chavushoglu earlier backed resumption of
the activity of PACE Subcommittee on Nagorno Karabakh region of
Azerbaijan. According to him, the commission will be set up to be
necessarily under the control of PACE chief.

Dashnaktsutyun representative Hovhannisyan criticized the behavior of
Armenian political forces, who took the constructive stance at the
meeting with the head of PACE held recently in Yerevan and did not
expressed their disagreement with decision of Movlud Chavushoglu to
reanimate the subcommittee on Karabakh. We disgraced themselves. We
have to seriously think about it, adding many in Armenia forgot they
deal with not only PACE chief but also a Turk.

Some forces had the insolence to complain about Armenia, taking
no heed he is Turk, he said, reminding his party does not have any
regrets about refusing to meet him.

We think Chavushoglu hardly cares about it.