, Azerbaijan
May 22 2010

'Armenia will lose in case of war'
Sat 22 May 2010 | 05:29 GMT Text size:

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry 'Armenian Army has losses three times
more than our army during the ceasefire, spokesman for Azerbaijani
Defense Ministry said.

But the leadership of the Armenian Army always tries to hide these
reports,' spokesman for Azerbaijani Defense Ministry,
Lieutenant-Colonel Eldar Sabiroglu said at the press conference on the
line of contact in Terter.

Eldar Sabiroglu underlined that Azerbaijani Army is always ready for war.

'The current situation of our Armed Forces gives ground to say that
the army is capable of fulfilling the task under any circumstances,'
he said.

Eldar Sabiroglu also commented on the recent military exercises
conducted by the Armenian Armed Forces.

'By bringing several tanks, guns to the firing point the enemy tries
to create an appearance. We also conduct military exercises, but our
aim is not to show something, but to increase the combat skills of our
army. Despite their exercises, their losses in March 2008 in this
direction demonstrated the combat skills of their army,' he said.

Sabiroglu said the country's economy enabled us to supply the
Azerbaijani Army with modern arms. `It makes Armenia, double-standard
international organizations, as well as the countries with
pro-Armenian positions anxious. We are purchasing arms at our own
expense, but Armenians receive it as endowment.

Everybody understands that Armenian army's situation is hopeless. The
Armenian army is drowning in bribery. The parents give a bribe to the
commanders that their children don't die of hunger. The soldiers are
eating at home. If the war is launched, the Karabakh issue will be
solved in a couple of minutes. Armenia will be defeated in a short

Sabiroglu said military schools of the country were developed and some
foreign countries sent their citizens to Azerbaijan to get military
education. 'The citizens of two countries are already getting
education in the Azerbaijani military schools'.