Keeping the situation tense on the contact line, Azerbaijan is
attempting to focus its society's attention on the issue, an Armenian
expert has said.

At a news conference on Monday, military expert David Jamalyan spoke
of Azerbaijan's recent activeness on the contact line with Karabakh.

He said the country is always preparing for war, but its attempts to
focus public attention on the issue has a domestic political context.

"This is of course a form of exerting a psychological pressure on
our country. It can be seen as an attempt to impose tolerance and
concessions on the public. But tolerance is not admissible given their
aggressive maximalist position, so Armenia also has to do something
to change the Azerbaijani society's ideas about war, as well as the
[armed] forces of Armenia," he said, calling on Armenians to be
prepared for a war against the Azerbaijani society.

He further noted that Azerbaijan uses belligerent rhetoric in an
attempt to influence the negotiation process over Karabakh.

"International organizations try to maintain a balance in such a
situation, but everybody is aware of the world community's attitude
to war," he said.

Analyst of the Caucasus Institute Sergey Minasyan noted in turn that
threats do not directly imply a war. He said a conflicting party
can launch military operations without a prior warning, once it
considers itself prepared for a war. He added in the meantime that
sniper attacks on the contact line do not affect politics in any way.

"Azeris will naturally keep pursuing this strategy unless they realize
that the threat of war has exhausted itself. And the incidents will
continue unless they get a worthy response," he said, adding that
Azerbaijanis are not prepared for war.

From: A. Papazian