Alaverdi Medical Clinic Opening

14:19, May 4, 2011

Today, a renovated medical clinic, funded by the United States
Government, will open in Alaverdi. The clinic, which cost $75,000 to
renovate, is the United States Government's largest humanitarian
assistance renovation project in Armenia.

The newly refurbished medical clinic will serve the residents of Lori
and Tavush Marzes. The Greek Medical Fund `Hippocrates - Armenia,' an
organization supported by the United States Government since 2001,
will operate and administer the clinic.

The Greek Medical Fund provides medical services free of charge and
distributes pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to socially
vulnerable populations and under-resourced facilities in Armenia. The
Fund also conducts mobile medical visits to remote villages. The
newly renovated clinic will benefit all residents in the area and will
provide better access to high quality medical care.

From: A. Papazian