MAY 30, 2011

Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey arrived in Georgia on Sunday
evening to discuss bilateral cooperation with the Georgian leadership
and the Swiss mediating role in Georgian-Russian relations.

Calmy-Rey will have negotiations with her Georgian counterpart Mikhail
Saakashvili and Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze.

The countries will also consider the programs, which Georgia is
implementing with the assistance from Switzerland and the Council of
Europe. The officials from the Federal Department of Transportation,
Communications and Energy arrived in Georgia together with Calmy-Rey.

"Switzerland is interested in the development of infrastructure
cooperation with Georgia," the Georgian Foreign Ministry reported.

The Bern consultations between the diplomatic delegations of the
countries preceded Calmy-Rey's visit last week. The consultations
"considered the development of cooperation in politics, economy and
culture and noted the Swiss mediating role in the relations between
Georgia and Russia."

Switzerland assumed a mediating role between the countries after
Georgia severed diplomatic relations with Russia in September 2008.

Since March 2009 the Russian Interests Section has been operating in
the Swiss Embassy in Tbilisi and the Georgian Interests Section at
the Swiss Embassy in Moscow.