They are trying to create an atmosphere through guided social opinion polls

14:17 . 30/04

Tension is increasing as May 6 is approaching. Summing up the past weeks of
the pre-election campaign, today the coordinator of ARF-D campaign Aghvan
Vardanyan expressed hope that the rules of a civilised competition will be
observed before the election and after it.

`We haven't come out to a last battle,' the politician said.

He noted the guided opinion polls as one of the peculiarities of the
campaign: it is attempted to create an atmosphere not corresponding to the
real picture.

`They also conducted opinion polls during the previous elections and said
ARF-D would get 5-5,5% of votes. But ARF-D got 12% of votes. There is a
group of people, that has these opportunities and enjoys doing such
things,' Aghvan Vardanyan said.

Recently they are also trying to find disagreements between the first
persons and ordinary members of ARF-D. The ARD representative reminded it
is impossible to split the members and the leadership of ARF-D.

`ARF-D has proved that it is a united organization and it is a team,' the
speaker said.

He also informed that in the 4th election district ARF-D supports the
editor-in-chief of the `168 Hours' newspaper Satik Seyranyan. In the news
conference Aghvan Vardanyan spoke about the absence of the political
debate. No debate took place because of the authority representatives'

`No one attempted to prove its programme is good through open, public
debate. We did it and haven't still received any response. Each citizen has
the right to listen to debates. This is the way in civilized countries.
ARF-D wishes us also to become a civilized country. But perhaps many prefer
to ensure votes by the help of village heads, community heads and the
police, or by distributing something rather than to give the voters an
opportunity to base their choice on the parties' prorammes,' Aghvan
Vardanyan said.