Russian radio: Iran a major benzene exporter today

Moscow, May 1, IRNA - State run Voice of Russia radio announced Monday
Iran which used to import benzene till a while ago has during the past
2 years been one of the major exporters of this fuel following western
sanctions of the product.

According to the IRNA Audio Lingual Service, the VOR radio report
added, `Iran exported 123,000 metric tons of benzene, worth some 134
million US dollars in the year 2011, which was twice its exports of
that fuel in the year 2010.'

The VOR report added, `Afghanistan was the top importer of Iran's fuel
in 2011, importing gas worth 51.6 million US dollars.'

According to the report, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and
Oman are the other major importers of the Iranian benzene.

Iran started exporting gas in September 2010, while up to then the
Islamic Republic of Iran was merely one of the major exporter of crude
oil in the world, and not only was not a gas exporter, but an importer
of that fuel.

The western countries' benzene exports to Iran were at higher prices
than that fuel's price at international markets according to the VOR.

Iran's gas condensate exports from Assalouyeh surpasses $9 billion

Iran has exported $9.119 billion worth of various gas condensates from
Pars Special Energy Economic Zone in Assaluyeh in the southern
province of Bushehr, Iran's Press TV reported lately.

Managing director of the customs office of the Pars Special Energy
Economic Zone, Ahmad Pourheidari, announced in early April that Iran
exported about 12 million tons of various gas condensates during the
previous Iranian calendar year, which ended on March 19, 2012.

He noted that the figure indicates a 16-percent increase in weight and
a 43-percent increase in value compared with the corresponding figure
of in earlier year.

Light and heavy polyethylene, gas condensates, propane, butane,
benzene, and paraxylene were among major products exported during the
mentioned time span, Pourheidari added.

Countries such as China, Japan, UAE, India, Indonesia, the
Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Taiwan, Thailand,
Malaysia, Vietnam, and Afghanistan are the main destinations for the
exported goods from Pars Special Energy Economic Zone.

The South Pars field has 14 trillion cubic meters of natural gas -
about eight percent of the world's reserves - and more than 18 billion
barrels of liquefied natural gas resources.


Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 80105583