Little girl in US refuses birthday gifts and asked people to donate
winter boots to orphans in Armenia
April 29, 2012 | 12:14

Mia Delbis from White Lake, Michigan, refused any presents on her 5th
birthday, instead she asked people to donate winter boots to the
orphans in Armenia, the Oakland Press reports.

`I saw a little girl on TV who had decided to donate her boots to an
orphanage. I thought that I could do the same,' she said adding that
she got very sad when she found out that some children do not have

Mia's mother says that at first she did not think Mia was serious.

`She continued to ask and ask and when she said `I have more than
enough, I have got Mommy and Daddy, I have many shoes and toys' I said
let's do it,' Mia's mother says.

Mia's birthday is on May 16 and she has asked everyone who will come
to bring a pair of new winter boots for children under 16. She will
send the boots to Armenia.