Mayor of New York City issued a proclamation on 97 anniversary of the
Armenian Genocide

13:06, 30 April, 2012

YEREVAN, APRIL 30, ARMENPRESS: Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of the city
of New York came forth with the proclamation of 97 anniversary of
Armenian Genocide, Armenpress reports. The statement runs as follows:
"Every year, people around the world and across our city come together
to observe the anniversary of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide.
This year marks the 97 anniversary of this horrific event, which
claimed nearly 1.5 million lives, and it is our responsible to pay
tribute to all those who suffered. We are honored to join the Armenian
National Committee of New York to reflect on this solemn occasion, and
renew our promise to prevent such violence from ever happening again.
Widely acknowledged as the first modern Genocide, the massacre of the
Armenian people began in the Constantinople, where religious,
political, educational, and intellectual leaders were arrested and
murdered. Armenian men, women, and children were systematically killed
or deported from their homeland. Fewer than a million Armenians
survived, and several thousand of them settled here in our city,
finding comfort in the small but vital Armenian community that has
thrived in New York since the mid -19th century.
By understanding the past, we are taking an important step toward a
future free from discrimination and intolerance. This anniversary is a
voluble opportunity not only to remember all those whose lives were
taken, but also to celebrate all of the tremendous contributions our
Armenian community has made to New York. On behalf of all New Yorkers,
please accept my best wishes for a meaningful commemoration".

From: A. Papazian