May 01, 2012 | 19:56

Bying votes is incompatible with the honor of labor rights, Vahan
Hovhanisyan, Armenian Revolutionary Federation MP announced at a
pre-election meeting in Hrazdan city on Tuesday. As the correspondent
of Armenian reports from Hrazdan, Vahan Hovhanisyan
announced that in order for Armenian citizens to return home, the
right of self-determination and making decisions must be returned
to the nation. "The MP candidate buys your votes in order to make
decisions instead of you during the following 5 years without asking
your opinion. And for what price? For each day of his MP mandate he
pays you AMD 10. Does that correspond to the honor of the working
man?" Hovhannisyan said. "Hrazdan used to be one of the industrial
centers of our country, Hrazdanmash - one of the most important
enterprises. Armenia used to be called the country of the Sun, a
country of wonders. Then the authorities broke the backbone of the
interlayer in Hrazdan, and other traditional industrial cities. Today
it is said that our country is poor and because of that the nation
is not able to live well. However, the metallic mineral wealth of
Armenia alone totals to $ 175 billion, not to mention the non-metallic
minerals." He called to vote for ARF in order for Armenia to become
its former self again. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF)
Dashnaktsutyun is one of the oldest Armenian political parties. It
was founded in the end of 19th century. Following the Sovietization of
Armenia in 1920, the ARF-Dashnaktsutyun was banned by the Communists
and its leadership exiled. The ARF-Dashnaktsutyun officially re-emerged
in Armenia after the collapse of the USSR, in 1990. In June 2003,
the party signed a coalition memorandum with the Republican Party
of Armenia and Orinats Yerkir (Rule of Law). However, in 2009 ARFD
left the coalition in protest against signing the protocols with
Turkey. Party's proportional list includes 85 candidates. Eight
candidates will run for an MP seat with majority system. The party's
motto is 'Freedom, Justice, Dashnaktsutyun.'