Representative of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau
Vahan Hovhannissyan said he does not believe the pre-electoral public
opinion polls.

Speaking to reporters today, Hovhannissian said those who order the
polls do not believe in the presented figures either. 'Respondents
fear and do not tell the truth. If polls are conducted via phone,
it means they know your address and who you are. It means it is not
an unnamed poll,' he said.

Hovhannissyan reminded that such like polls were conducted during
the previous elections as well when the ARF was predicted to get 3-4%
of votes, while in reality it got 17%.

The ARF representative also doubted the impartiality of the
organizations conducting the opinion polls, like for instance the
VTSIOM All-Russian Centre for the Study of Public Opinion which is a
'discredited Kremlin organization the money earning tendencies of
which have been revealed'.

Referring to the other organizations, Hovhannissyan said, 'It is
said that there are not the real Gallup representatives'. 'Not so
'clean offices' are being invited to Armenia. They work with orders
and do not give correct results,' Hovhannissyan said.