Azerbaijani authorities are conducting an interior policy that keeps
out opposition forces, political analyst of "Zerkalo" daily Rauf
Mirgadirov said in "Caucasus 2011" international conference that
kicked off in Yerevan.

Mirgadirov said Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan is not ready to quit the
power like the head of regional states.

"Zerkalo" analyst said 2011 was not rich interior political processes
in Azerbaijan.

"The only worthy developments were held by the religious groups. Iran
has, although indirectly, certain involvement in our domestic
life at least by supporting and backing those religious forces and
organizations. However, because of some historic developments we
cannot hail relations with our southern and northern neighbors,"
Rauf Mirgadirov said.

Talking about Azerbaijani economy, the Azeri expert said it is
basically depending on oil and gas industries. Azeri expert said both
the political and economic fields are monopolized as the ruling power
is the main investor of it.

Today Azerbaijani opposition strives to use Eurovision international
song contest to rebel restriction of freedoms and political prisoners.

"Sooner or later new political crisis will appear in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani authorizes failed to lead people via progressive
development and the growing voice of resentment is yet controlled."

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress