Wednesday, May 30, 22:42

The vineyard area in Armenia has shrunk to 16,288 h from 36,000 h in
the early 1980s, employee of the National Center of Vine Growing and
Wine Making Derenik Safaryan told journalists on Wednesday.

"In 1915 Armenia had just 5,100 h, with as many as 120 new grapes
having been cultivated by our organization since 1927. In the Soviet
times we had 286 employees, but in the last years we have had serious
financial problems and have just 35 employees now. Today, we have
just one experimental station left - some 52 h in Armavir region,"
Safaryan said.

He said that despite its problems the center continues cultivating
new grapes. "Armenian wines are exported to Russia and Belarus and
in Dubai they are sold as souvenirs," the expert said.

The National Statistical Service of Armenia reports that in Q1 2012
wine production in Armenia grew by 13% to 991,600 liters.