AMD 150 thousand to either of spouses of newlywed families.
Monday, 29 April 2013 14:23

During the recently held session of the NKR government the Executive
approved of NKR Minister of Labour and Social Issues Narine
Narimanyan's proposal concerning introducing an amendment in the decree
"On defining marriage benefit for newlywed families".

"Currently newlywed families are allocated one-off marriage benefit at
an amount of 300 thousand drams. The family does not get any benefit
if either of the spouses had been married once and divorced after
January 1, 2008. No benefit is allocated if either of the spouses
is not registered in the NKR. If the presented draft decision is
adopted equal halves of the one-off marriage benefit at an amount of
150,000 drams will be granted to either spouse. This way the cases
of depriving the family of the right to benefit because of one of
the spouses will be excluded," the Minister explained.

Going on with the issue she reported that the procedure of
appropriating one-off marriage benefits to contract servicemen who
are not registered in the NKR is going to be simplified as well.