April 29 2013

Yesterday Arman Musinyan, an Armenian National Congress (ANC)
candidate for city council, said that their examination of the voter
registration lists had shown that more than a thousand citizens
who had been registered in the regions in the February 18 election
were now registered in Yerevan. Heghine Bisharyan, a deputy leader
of the Rule of Law Party (RLP), didn't agree with Musinyan's claims
and gave the example of their examination. "The voter registration
lists have not grown. I don't know, perhaps opposition forces have
their methods of checking. We hand out our campaign materials in
all places based on the lists of local residents. It is not so;
the families haven't grown on the lists, but there are many closed
doors. We will follow and will surely make statements, if there is
any voting in the polling place on behalf of any closed door, if we
notice that the resident is not there, is not in the country, the
door is closed, but someone has voted on his behalf," Ms. Bisharyan
told www.aravot.am. Ms. Bisharyan had also received news of election
bribery, but she is not concerned yet, because, "In some neighborhoods,
there is talk that heads of condominiums have collected passport data,
have drawn lists to hand out election bribes. This is just talk, we
haven't actually come across such cases, but we call on the residents
not to be included in such lists. Although it is obvious already that
election bribes don't influence the residents; they readily accept,
but as readily vote for the one they want. If someone has additional
money, doesn't pay taxes, has collected money by certain means and
hands out to the people, let the people either say no, or if they
are attracted, let them make the right decision." Talking about the
fact that officials and neighborhood tough guys had impeded the
work of journalists and representatives of opposition forces and
had subjected them to violence in recent days, Ms. Bisharyan said:
"With regard to their saying that there are repressions, attacks on
this or that person, I must say that it is a little exaggerated; a
separate incident has happened, I don't deny it. But it is not like
they are pressuring someone, because he is a member of this or that
party.... There are neighborhood tough guys who have undertaken a
task of being more Catholic than the Pope and they say all the time,
'This mountain is mine, this tree is mine, this neighborhood is mine,
this hallway is mine,' this exists and happens to everyone. However,
we would like those people to whom such a thing happens to quickly
respond, let the mass media go, film, disgrace and ask them why they
restrict people's rights. Yes, there are neighborhood princes who
want to take such steps and they turn the local residents against
themselves and do the opposite." In response to our question whether
the neighborhood princes she had mentioned were members of any party
and why they took such steps, Ms. Bisharyan said that we were asking
a provocative question.

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