12:06, 30 April, 2013

YEREVAN, APRIL 30, ARMENPRESS: The claim on the compensation submitted
by the American Armenians to the US Federal Court against the Turkish
Government, served as the basis so that the Americans and the Turkish
people once again remember the Armenian Genocide and the territories
snatched from the Armenians. On April 30 this opinion was expressed
by the expert on Turkish affairs Artak Shakaryan during the press
conference. "Right, the American Court rejected the claim of the
American Armenians and it is bad on one hand, but on the other hand,
it showed that the level of the legal conscience of the Armenians has
raised, thus enabling to institute a suit and demand for compensation",
- said the expert on Turkish affairs, as reported by Armenpress.

Artak Shakaryan notes that the US Federal Court rejected the claim,
because it did not want to spoil the American-Turkish relations. "It
is not a secret that the United States have considerable political
benefits from Turkey, so it is clear why the Court rejected the claim",
- said the Turkish expert.

He expressed his hope that such claims will be submitted in the future
as well not only to American courts but also the Turkish ones. "The
territories and properties belonging to Armenians are of great number
in Turkey, in which the Turkish people develop their businesses, so it
is quite important so that they know who are the real owners of those
territories", - said the expert on Turkish affairs Artak Shakaryan.