US and UK underestimated the viability of Syria - Armenian analyst

May 13, 2013 | 16:43

YEREVAN. - Tehran's policy on Syria will not change after the
presidential elections in Iran, political analyst Gagik Harutyunyan
told reporters on Monday.

Harutyunyan, head of Noravank research center, said the result of the
presidential elections in Iran in some way may change the policy
toward Israel and the United States.

`For example, one of the numerous candidates for the presidency
recognizes the existence of Holocaust. He is well treated by the U.S.
However, it is just a little nuance, since any Iranian politician
realizes that as soon as Syria falls it will be the turn of Iran,'
political analyst said.

He also stressed that the U.S. and UK underestimated the viability of
Syria, as a whole, and Bashar al-Assad, in particular.

`Today, they are trying more actively to find a solution to this
problem. On the one hand, the Syrian state has appeared in a situation
in which military actions take place, and on the other hand this war
may last forever,' he added.

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