MoD and Police Blocked Highway For Relatives of Non-Combat Victim

The relatives of the killed conscript Lux Stepanyan who are
transporting their son's body to Yerevan clashed with the police on
Yerevan-Sevan highway, reported.

The relatives of the killed soldier crushed the barrier of military
cars and continued their way to Yerevan.

The family are travelling in a Ford car which is followed by the cars
of their fellow village people, about several hundreds of people.

A lot of cars with car plates of the MoD are driving to Sevan. The
police and army blocked the highway of Sevan.

The deputy chief of staff of the MoD Haykaz Baghmanyan and the head of
the Military Police Samvel Ghukasyan are at the place of the incident.
The latter are trying to persuade the relatives of Lux Stepanyan not
to go to Yerevan return home, and assure them that the murder will be

The relatives of the conscript demand a meeting with Seyran Ohanyan.
The latter will also probably go to the place of the incident.

Lux Stepanyan was killed on May 15 in a military unit in Noyemberyan.
His parents do not believe the official press release on how the
incident happened.

13:31 18/05/2013
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From: A. Papazian