Vestnik Kavkaza, Russia
May 1 2014

Whether Bagdasaryan will enter one river twice?

1 May 2014 - 2:43pm

Will Artur Bagdasaryan and his Orinats Erkir party will enter one
river twice or not? After a party exit from the ruling coalition with
republicans and Bagdasaryan's resignations from the post of secretary
of Security Council of Armenia this question excites all in Armenia.

Having entered in 2008 into the coalition with republicans, this
party, positioning themselves as the opposition, put an end to his own
opposition. It diligently voted for everything presented and lobbied
by republicans, actually being an RPA appendage. It seemed that the
role of the party and personally satellite Baghdasaryan will play at
least until the parliamentary elections in 2017.

However, the April resignation of the prime minister Tigran Sarkisian
changed he serene and orderly life of the coalition. They say
Bagdasaryan applied for the position of the prime minister which was
promised him several years ago. And after Ovik Abramyan settled into
the premier's chair, the secretary of Security Council couldn't find
how to resign and bring the party out of the coalition. Considering
the expected changes in the Constitution, according to which the
republic will make a gradual transition from presidential to the
parliamentary form of government, the post of prime minister would be
a tasty morsel. The figure of the prime minister will be the
predetermining factor in the formation of the internal and foreign
policy agendas. Considering Baghdasaryan's irrepressible lust for
power, republicans refusal to grant him the premiership could not
finish anything else except demarche, which ended with his
resignation. Baghdasaryan's statement, that President Serzh Sargsyan
invited him to stay on as Secretary of the Security Council may be
true. However the ex-speaker of parliament and the ex-secretary of the
Security Council preferred to go for broke. And the fact that three
ministers from its party didn't share its views, having preferred to
leave "Orinats Yerkir" looks quite logical. The Minister of Emergency
Situations, Armen Yeritsyan, was reappointed to the post in the new
government. Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan, according to his
close ties with the new prime minister, will also remain in office.
Less fortunate was Minister of Urban Development of Armenia Samvel
Tadevosyan, for whom even his escape from the beleaguered party did
not save him from resignation. Declared by Bagdasaryan the motivation
of an exit of party from the coalition is based on five factors,
radically changed the situation in the country. Among them Serzh
Sargsyan's refusal to run for president or apply for a post of the
prime minister, planned constitutional reforms, the decision of the
Constitutional Court on the law "On the Funded Pensions", the
resignation and the formation of a new government.

Bagdasaryan remembered "divergences between the political vector and
Serzh Sargsyan's vector" obviously in time, however, precisely not
owing to "a set collected in Armenia and demanding immediate solution
of problems".

The future "Orinats Yеrkir" and personally Bagdasaryana looks today
foggy. Way into a coalition with the Republicans they are booked now
and the only exit there is a consolidation with other parliamentary
opposition. Baghdasaryan has already said that his party is ready to
cooperate with the Quartet are powerless in the face of the ANC,
"Dashnaktsutiun" and "Heritage" and "Prosperous Armenia". The question
is whether his party would be a real opposition force or just once
more "dilute" the opposition, which is going to present a united front
against the Republican Party.

From: Baghdasarian