2 Nov 04

On May 28, 2005, "Cilicia" will resume its voyage from Venice and
passing by Rome, Carthago and Dublin will reach Amsterdam, finishing
the envisaged trip. The leadership of "Ayas" Marine Research Club
said this recently. "By successfully finishing the first stage of the
navigation, passing Ayasâ=80`Venice route, we proved that "Cilicia"
had right for living," Karen Balayan, captain, said.

The captain represented the voyage that lasted from July 14 till
October 16, talked of joyful and dangerous moments of the days they
spend out in the sea. "Particularly, the specialists respected our
initiative. An impression was created that the Armenians were good
sailors. Let's not change it",he said.

Dwelling on the marine achievements of Cilicia Armenia, Zory Balayan
said: "Today we also use marine routes, so, even without having sea
coast, we should have a navy. The lake Sevan is a good place for
training. A sailor who was trained there will easily sail in the
ocean." For instance the sailors pin hopes on 19 years old Moushegh
Barseghian, who joining the Armenian army, spent the four months with
the sailors in the sea. Zory Balayan assured that the 17 sailors that
participated in the voyage, members of "Ayas" club, could helpin
establishing the Armenian navy. Samvel Karapetian, captain-adviser,
lives in Georgia and he spends 6-7 months a year in the sea. He thinks
that in orderto become a good sailor, one should be near the sea, with
the sea from very young age. As the future sailors should have the
opportunity of sailing in the sea in small boats before they become
crew members of a big ship.

By Tamar Minasian