Persian Journal, Iran
Oct 30, 2004

Iran, Russia discuss regional issues

Iran's representative for Caspian Sea affairs Mehdi Safari conferred
here Thursday with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Savolsky on
issues of mutual interests.

The two officials voiced opposition to foreign intervention in the
Caspian sea affairs and underlined expansion of mutual and regional
cooperation in Caucasus, Central Asia and the Caspian sea.

Other topics to discuss in the meeting were security issues, expansion
of economic and political cooperation as well as north-south corridor
for transit of goods and commodities.

The two sides underlined the need for continued talks between Azeri and
Armenian officials to resolve their conflict.

Savolsky emphasized the need for expansion of mutual cooperation on
implementation of joint economic projects in Central Asia.

The two sides called the Caspian sea the sea of peace and stability and
underlined that they are against presence of foreign countries in that