RosBusinessConsulting, Russia
Nov. 2, 2004

Inflation rate in CIS averages 10%

RBC, 02.11.2004, Moscow 19:41:55.The inflation rate in the CIS
members averaged 10 percent from January to September, the Interstate
Statistics Committee announced. According to the provided data, Belarus
showed the largest inflation rate, namely 19.5 percent. Consumer prices
showed the slowest increase in Kyrgyzstan, where the inflation rate for
the period amounted to 4.6 percent. Russia ranked third with a
10.6-percent inflation rate. Moldova ranked second with 12.7 percent
inflation. In Ukraine consumer prices advanced 8.1 percent. Armenia
showed the inflation rate of 7.9 percent. Kazakhstani inflation
amounted to 6.8 percent. Tajikistan showed a 6.4-percent inflation rate
outpacing Azerbaijan with its 5.7 percent inflation. In Georgia
consumer prices grew 5.4 percent.