Azer Tag, Azerbaijan
Nov. 2, 2004

[November 02, 2004, 18:57:40]

As the member of Committee on security of the State Duma of the Russian
Federation Gennady Gudkov informed in his exclusive interview to
correspondent of AzerTAj, for today, Russia and Azerbaijan have
developed enough warm and good relations. As he said, this positive
example of interstate cooperation, especially in maintenance of the
common safety, highly is estimated both by authority, and the Russian
people. `To this example should follow and other countries', G. Gudkov
has told.

Gennady Gudkov has especially noted progress in the Russian-Azerbaijan
relations in the field of combat against terrorism. ` We count
absolutely right the position held by Azerbaijan in this question, and
we hope for further understanding of our problems and cooperation in
this area'.

Concerning the situation on the Russian-Azerbaijan border, the Member
of Parliament has stated that all these problems have temporary
character, in due time they will be settled and stabilized.

The Russian Member of Parliament also has expressed his views
concerning settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorny Karabakh
conflict and the role of Russia in this process. In particular, he has
stated that Russia recognizes territorial integrity of all states which
were part of Soviet Union, and is interested in the prompt settlement
of the conflict by peace way.

`It is complicated question in the Trans-Caucasia, and Russia would
like to resolve it, we with deep regret note that such conflict takes
place. Russia, as one of co-chairmen of the Minsk Group of OSCE, makes
all efforts to find compromise in solution of this conflict. As soon as
between the sides the conciliatory suggestions will be found, the
conflict will be settled, it will sharply strengthen safety of all
region and it will enable Russia to carry out more active joint
military policy, military-technical cooperation and to strengthen
political stability of region', he underlined.

`Certainly, we are for the quick resolution of territorial problems,
for recognition of firmness of borders. Russia has many times stated
that is ready to become the guarantor of invariance of borders. We very
much want that there were conciliatory suggestions that Azerbaijan and
Armenia have found mutual understanding, and Russia is ready to act as
the guarantor. I think, then nobody will have desire to try to change
something in the status-quo, Mr. Gudkov added.