Armenia sets up public organization against terror

2 Nov 04


The Armenians against terror antiterrorist public organization has
been set up in Armenia.

The deputy chairman of the Armenians against terror public
organization, Eduard Polatov, told an Arminfo correspondent today that
the Armenians are a nation that has repeatedly and largely suffered
from terrorism, which is proved by history. There are enough facts
from the 19th century, as well as from the beginning and end of the
20th century. For this reason, historical memory compels the Armenians
to actively participate in the fight against terror, Eduard Polatov

He also said that the Armenians against terror public organization
wished to cooperate with anyone "who is not indifferent to the future
of mankind". According to a statement adopted at the founding
congress of the organization, mankind will confine itself to
indignation and compassion until the world community counters the
well-organized terrorist system with its consolidated efforts.

The organization unconditionally condemns criminal acts that have
killed dozens of thousands of people, as well as the practice of
terrorism, and expresses its determination to cooperate with all
organizations and people who are not indifferent to their own security
and to the security of their loved ones.

"Our many-sided and coordinated cooperation will inevitably compel us
to seek and find together effective ways of preventing possible
terrorist acts both in Armenia and abroad. The totality of the
challenge dictates the totality of the answer," the Armenians against
terror organization says in the statement.