Noyan Tapan
Oct 31 2006

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 31, NOYAN TAPAN. The Democratic Party of Armenia
proposes all the political forces represented at the Parliament
to work out by the primary order and to present for discussion
the draft on an all-embracing law on pensions satisfying needs of
social security. It is said in the statement spread on October 30
by the DPA Republican Council, expressing criticims addressed to
parliamentarians who adopted in the first reading by the majority
of votes the draft law on the deputy's pension. To recap, it is
envisaged to define the size of pension at the moment of the latter's
appointment according to the 75% of the RA NA deputy's officiating
rate of pay. The deputy's salary is 300 thousand drams at present,
75% of which will make 225 thousand drams. It is envisaged to fix
429 thousand drams as the deputy's salary in 2007. 75% of it will
make 315 thousand drams. In the opinion of the statement authors,
this initiative creating a privileged status will not become a cause
for public indignation if "the decision on liquidating the shouting
disbalance among pensions, making humiliating pensions of hundreds of
thousands of regular indigent citizens of the republic corresponding
at least to content of the minimal basket was considered primary, or,
at least, was combined with it." The DPA expresses confidence that
any step addressed to rise of pensions in general will be justified
only in the case of adoption of the all-embracing law on pensions
satisfying needs of social security. The party expresses readiness
to take corresponding joint steps to implement this issue relating
to wide interests of the society.