Democratic Azerbaijan
Nov 1 2006

A draft bill on a fictitious "Armenians' genocide" provides for a
punishment of those denying the genocide by detaining for 6 months
and a fine worthy of 45,000 euro.

The reaction of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the statement
of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan to adoption of a
draft bill on the fictitious Armenians' genocide by the National
assembly of the French Parliament are praiseworthy. It should be
noted that the draft bill provides for a punishment of those denying
the genocide by detaining for 6 months or a fine worthy of 45,000
euro. We have shown interest in MM deputies' views on the matter.

Rabiyat Aslanova, Chairman of the MM Standing Commission for human
rights, chief of The Council of religious experts and a MP, said:
"The French Parliament violates the basic principles of law and
freedom. The given document restricts the freedom of expression
of French people who have personal views on the matter. A state on
the flag of which the symbols of peace and democracy are pictured
should not act that way. I believe the Senate will not approve the
document put forward by the French parliament under the influence of
the Armenian lobby, and the given event will go down in history of
France as an erroneous step".

To the question whether it can be regarded as a double standard
hindering to Turkey's entering to the European Union, the deputy said:
"I do not take it as a double standard. Anyway the European Union
guided by the policy of neighborhood should be interested in making
more neighbors. I believe common sense will prevail, and the attitude
to Turkey will change with time".

According to Rabiyat Aslanova, one of the prerequisites of the present
situation is the absence of alternative international structures. "To
date the basic reason of international western structures' taken
position is the absence of alternative international organizations what
I am sorry about very much. If there were similar structures in the
East the states would not seek membership in western international
structures only, which, in their turn, would treat the states
impartially. We should think over the facts. That is why I think
the Turkic world should establish a structure. We will have enough
strength and ability to implement the idea. If that is the case we
will be a side equal in rights".

The parliamentarian touched upon a very interesting point concerning
the Khojaly tragedy. According to her, Europe has not wanted to
recognize tragic events in Khojaly for years. The deputy who considers
this step of France as an established evidence of human rights
violation stated that if adopted the document would not influence
negatively on Azerbaijan. "As an independent state, Azerbaijan is
continuing its successful appearances in the foreign policy. I think
the question will not have a negative influence upon our state". At the
same time R. Aslanova stated that the Armenians have been campaigning
actively for many years for the imaginary "genocide of Armenians"
to be recognized by the entire world. "The Dashnaktsutyun Party has
been working in this direction since late XIX century down to the
present by implementing its policy within a single program. It is
noteworthy that Azerbaijan enduring the period of self-affirmation
has faced with different kinds of opposition for 15 years. Both a
long period of time and a strong Armenian lobby that is a powerful
political force capable to exert influence upon the internal policy
of the state it lives in are working for the Armenians. In connection
with the elections local governments beware, to some extent, of the
Armenian lobby, which has caused the present situation".

Abramov Yevda Sasunovich, head of the Working group for
inter-Parliamentary relations of Azerbaijan and Israel, member of the
MM Standing Commission for human rights, the only MM Jewish member,
a member of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians,
expressed his discontent with the decision of the French Parliament:
"Like any other Azerbaijan citizen, I cannot agree with the decision
of France. Adoption by the state with democratic traditions of a
document that does not meet the interests of France, but of another
state, that plays a secondary role for France is a transgression of
the Constitution of that state. The document in question serves most
of all for Armenians' interests and is based not on the foreign but
internal policy of France. Such a step taken only for the purpose to
win the votes of a small group of Armenians on the eve of elections
is far from humanity".

At the same time Y. Abramov estimates the actions of Turkey that is
going to recognize officially the Khojaly and Algeria genocides as a
quite timely and correct step. "I am very glad that Turkey has decided
to take adequate measures and raised the question. Throughout the
history France has subjected the Algerian population to unthinkable
indignity and oppression. The French used to destroy Muslims and Arabs
on a large scale. If France adopts a law meeting Armenia's interests,
Turkey can adopt a document related the Khojaly and Algeria genocides,
and that will be a right step".

The parliamentarian said that during the visit of the Israeli
parliament delegation to Azerbaijan they were presented books and
documents related to the tragic events. "We brought to their notice
the fact that the Turkish parliament is going to consider the issue
of the Khojaly genocide and advanced a proposal to discuss the issue
by Israel having friendly relations with Azerbaijan. In response, we
were recommended to bring the position of the Azerbaijan Republic to
the world community's notice. Our state should adopt a document to be
submitted to the parliaments of all states". The head of the Working
group for inter-Parliamentary relations of Azerbaijan and Israel said
that the issue would be raised at the World Jewish Congress to be
held in the USA next year. According to the MP, his colleagues and
him consider it their debt to use any opportunity and to appear with
information about the Khojaly genocide. "We should have information to
bring it to the world community's notice in future. As to the issue
put by the France's National Assembly, I am ready to express my view
on the matter to the French Ambassador to Azerbaijan in case of a
"round table" discussion".

Mubariz Gurbanly, a political scientist, deputy chairman of the
Legal and Political Affairs Committee of the Parliament Assembly of
the Black Sea Cooperation Organization and a MP, said that the law
adopted by the French Parliament National Assembly is contradictory to
human rights and freedom of expression. "The document adopted under
the pressure of the Armenian lobby is directed to falsification of
history and contradictory to the interests of France itself.

That's why I doubt that the French Senate will approve it and France's
President will sign it. Otherwise France will appear in an awkward

According to the political scientist, the issue was raised by the
instrumentality of not only the representatives of the Armenian
lobby, but also of politicians inclined against Turkic states,
and of opposition figures and of representatives of the ruling
party wishing to win the elections. As to the Khojaly genocide, the
parliamentarian said that the issue-related work is under way at the
present. "The Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan launched work
in this direction as far back as 1992, and in 1994 the national leader
Heydar Aliyev enacted a decree on the genocide. The same year the Milli
Majlis adopted a document concerning the Khojaly events by officially
recognizing the developments as genocide by the Armenians against
the Azerbaijan people. The same year there was sent an address to the
world parliament that included a request to European states, Turkey,
Pakistan, Iran and some other states to recognize the Armenians'
actions as "genocide".

Besides Mubariz Gurbanly emphasized that this step of France will
not have a negative influence upon the Nagorno-Garabagh conflict
settlement. "The law the French Parliament is going to adopt has no
direct relation to Nagorno Garabagh. It should be noted that France
will remain a member of the OSCE Minsk group, however this will by
no means influence the conflict settlement, as the OSCE is just an
intermediary. It has no authority to make a decision and to dictate
it to us. In any event the last word is ours. However, it gives an
impression that France patronizes Armenia. One should not forget that
the genocide-related document does not defend theArmenaisn by 100 per
cent. France has its own interests and acts in accordance with them".

Fazil Gazanfaroghlu, chairman of the Great Establishment Party and
a MP, said that the document is contradictory to law. "The given
decision aims at hindering Turkey's joining the European Union
and is of provocative nature. Turkey should not be worried about
that since the above-mentioned document will have no force on the
international space. It will cause difficulties for France itself
in future", Gazanfaroghlu said noting that one should not take the
event seriously. "To date France's position in the world is not strong.

France has become a state that is incapable to solve its domestic
problems. The recent events have proved that as well", he said. As to
the statement of the Azerbaijan Parliament, he said "the Azerbaijan
Parliament has shown "on-the-fly" reaction to such an important
issue for the first time, which is a positive factor. However, it is
desirable such practice should be continued".

Fazail Agamaly, chairman of Ana Vatan Party and a MP, said "the
action of France is an attack on democracy, and single people are
made responsible".

According to the parliamentarian, it would be stupid to expect France,
as an OSCE Minsk group co-chairman, demonstrating a just position in
the Nagorno-Garabagh conflict settlement. The party chairman noted
that he did not accept France's actions as double standards. "It is
clear that the decision has been made in favor of Armenia. France is
unambiguously defending Armenia on the international level".

F. Agamaly noted that it is time for Azerbaijan to act more
resolutely. "After this stage, we should not keep to self-defense,
but attack as President Ilham Aliyev said. We have to take a right
position to maintain the interests of our state and people. I can
say that we should not expect France's and Armenia's further actions,
but attack..."

Analytical department, NGO "Right of choice"

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