Lragir, Armenia
Nov 1 2006

For a long time there was difference between the gas meter on the
Georgian border and the gas meter on the Armenian border. Karen
Karapetyan, chief executive officer of ARG said October 31 that the gas
supply from Russia was halted for two days to eliminate this problem,
which overlapped with the Russian-Georgian tensions and was believed
to be a consequence of these tensions.

Karen Karapetyan says it was not related with the Russian-Georgian
relation, and the gas meter was the only problem. The gas meter in the
territory of Georgia showed that more gas is transported to Armenia
than the gas meter of Armenia shows. It means that the Georgians
stole gas. In addition, Karen Karapetyan says ARG paid for this gas
not to stop the supply of gas to Armenia because the supplier is not
interested where this gas went to. Karen Karapetyan says it was another
question if the supplier said that the Georgian side is responsible
for the difference. The chief executive officer of ARG says at present
the company is making efforts connected with compensation.