[08:23 pm] 01 November, 2006

RA Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanyan made a speech during the 15th
meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

Oskanyan mentioned that despite the problems, the BSEC countries
have much in common. And in order to create a balanced atmosphere
for settling political issues the countries much put aside their
disagreements. The Minister stressed that leaving each other out
while creating new transport knots is unacceptable for the countries
of an organization.

Referring to the membership of Bulgaria and Romania in the EU Minister
Oskanyan underlined hat it gives the BSEC countries a new chance to
closely cooperate with the EU taking into account general interests.

As a result of the session of the Foreign Ministers a joint declaration
was adopted, and Serbia took up the presidency over the organization.

Within the framework of the session the RA Foreign Minister also
met the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The sides discussed
mutual relations, as well as regional issues. A reference was also
made to the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict.