Lragir, Armenia
Nov 3 2006

The Russian web site published information with this
headline. The web site informs that a scandal occurred during the
meeting of the chiefs of army headquarters of the countries of
the Collective Security Pact Organization on November 2 in Moscow
involving the Colonel-General Michael Harutiunyan, the chief of the
headquarters of the armed forces of Armenia, who accused Tajikistan,
which is a member of the Collective Security Pact Organization but
"is setting up military alliance with a country which is a potential
foe of its ally under the Collective Security Pact." He meant the
agreement on military cooperation signed by Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

One of the participants of the meeting said that Harutiunyan addressed
not only Dushanbey but also Moscow. "It is known to everyone that
Azerbaijan is Armenia's potential foe, however, certain members of the
Collective Security Pact Organization allow for military cooperation
with Azerbaijan," stated Michael Harutiunyan. The point is that
besides Tajikistan Russia has also set up military cooperation with
Azerbaijan, and according to, Harutiunyan made it clear that
Armenia disapproves this.