[08:44 pm] 07 November, 2006

Forty-one deputies of the RA National Assembly will be elected by
majoritarian system and 90 deputies - by proportional system.

This ratio is stipulated by the Electoral Code, and the RA political
powers have agreed to it.

But the NA presently considers a draft law proposing 100-percent
proportional system. There is a general concern that in case the
bill is passed, it will pave ground for the legislative initiative
of 100-percent majoritarian system. The website of "A1+" held polling
and tried to find out which system our readers approve of. 21 percent
of those surveyed were for the 100-percent proportional system and
6-percent - for the 100-percent majoritarian system.

Over 5 percent of the participants supported mixed type electoral
system, mainly majoritarian one, and 6 percent were for the mixed type,
mainly proportional one.

Two percent of the polling participants couldn't give a definite
answer. The most striking is the fact that 60 percent of the
participants assume that "There is no point in holding elections
in Armenia."

Over 499 people participated in the polling.

Now we offer our readers to answer the following question; "Will
"Millennium Challenges" Cooperation render assistance to Armenia?"

Reminder, Freedom House has called on "Millennium Challenges" not
to render assistance to Armenia as the latter doesn't ensure the
protection of political and civil rights.

On November 8 the presidium of "Millennium Challenges"Cooperation
will choose all the governments which can apply for assistance in 2007.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress