ArmInfo News Agency, Armenia
Nov 29 2006

The coming Parliamentary elections in the Republic will be marked by
a struggle of financial interests of the Republican party of Armenia
and the "Prosperous Armenia" party, RA Parliamentarian, the leader
of the National-Democratic party, Shavarsh Kocharyan, said at today's
press-conference in "Mirror" discussion club.

Ho noted a complete absence of ideological struggle of "two competitive
groups" depresses him. "The society still cannot understand what is
the difference between the two party programs.

Whether it may indicate an absence of both the programs and an
ideology in whole? I think yes", S. Kocharyan said. He also noted a
premature start of pre-election race by the "ruling camp". "I could
hope the situation will cardinally change with time. However, it seems
unlikely, taking into account that all the changes must happen inside
the political parties", S. Kocharyan said. He expressed hope that the
Armenian community will be able to properly orient itself before the
elections. "Unfortunately, we continuously become witnesses of the
struggle of illiteracy with injustice. That is the tragedy of our
people", NDP leader said.

The deputy from the Republican party of Armenia, Heghine Naghdalyan,
who participated in the discussion, also agreed that the election
campaign is carried out by "wild methods". She also noted that the
absence of ideology is typical to nearly all the parties of the
country. "Only when our parties have a firm ideological basement, we
shall stop to talk about the "fight of interests of separate groups",
she said.