Public Radio, Armenia
Nov 29 2006

The USAID-funded Competitive Armenian Private Sector Project (CAPS)
co-sponsored Armenia's first ever Armenian information technology
(IT) Month in September and October. The IT cluster, the Government
of Armenia and a group of sponsors united to organize a series of
events with thousands of participants from Armenia and more than 30
other countries. The purpose was to present the Armenian IT cluster's
increasing international competitiveness, and to encourage continued
foreign investment into Armenia while also seeking opportunities for
local companies to enter the global marketplace.

Republic of Armenia Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan had proclaimed
IT Month as a logical "next step" toward continued development of
Armenia's flag-bearing industry at home and abroad.

IT Month was a precedent-setting achievement both nationally and
regionally. The sheer scope of the huge undertaking was extremely
impressive. Thousands of people participated in events ranging from a
national microelectronics Olympiad, E-content contest, to international
conferences, exhibitions, and a global summit. The month of activities
clearly demonstrated the depth, breadth, dynamism and cooperation
of Armenia's IT cluster. IT Month participants were comprised of
a wide spectrum of IT and IT-related companies and organizations,
universities, government, donors, NGOs and individuals representing
many countries. Participating Armenian companies were of all sizes,
and events were held in all regions of the country.

The Enterprise Incubation Foundation organized the Armenian Open
Programming Contest, which attracted 355 programmers from Yerevan
and the regions. More than 15,000 visitors attended the Digitec 2006
exhibition, which also included Internet search contests, DigiLife
seminars and the "Technologies of the Future Today" international

Eighty people from 30 countries, plus about 300 more from within
Armenia attended the Global E-Content Summit in Yerevan. Thanks to
impressive victories won last year by Armenian specialists at the
World Summit Award Contest, it became possible for Armenia to host
this large-scale 2006 gathering.

The quality and number of participants was exceptional for the second
All-Armenia E-Content Award Contest. Winners were given cash prizes,
along with the opportunity to participate in the World Summit
Award 2007 Contest and perhaps further enhance Armenia's winning
IT tradition.