Public Radio, Armenia
Nov 29 2006

The Public Radio and TV Company of Armenia is preparing to cover the
parliamentary elections of 2007. During Alexan Harutyunyan's tenure
in office two elections have been highlighted.

The coverage of the presidential elections of 2003 by the Public
Television was assessed negatively, while the coverage of the Public
Radio received positive feedback. For highlighting the parliamentary
elections in 2003 the Public Radio and Television received positive
evaluation by both the OSCE observers and EU structures. Therefore,
I think that the evaluation of the coverage of the 2003 parliamentary
elections will not be worse. The closer the election campaign, the
more political programs will be aired at the Public TV. In two weeks a
new political-analytical talk show titled "Europolis" will be launched.

In the future new programs popular in many countries of the world
will appear on the Public TV.

There will be many "international formats." The Public TV will offer a
number of cultural and educational programs as well. As for the sport
programs, the Public TV will broadcast the FIFA Champion's League,
the European and World Championships, Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

In two weeks the Public TV will finish shooting the first Armenian
serial. The budget of the film dedicated to the 15th anniversary of
Armenia's independence totals about $0.5 million.

There are not many famous actors in the film. The movie will be
starred by Khoren Levonyan and Lusine Tovmasyan.