IN 2007 NOT BAD AS IN 2003

Lragir, Armenia
Nov 29 2006

The Public Channel of Armenia was criticized by the international
observers for reporting the presidential election. The evaluation of
the international observers changed after the parliamentary election
in 2003. On November 29 at the Friday Club the chair of the Public
Television and Radio Alexan Harutiunyan said they are preparing
for the parliamentary election and will offer a coverage which will
comply with the law and the evaluation will be the same as in the
parliamentary election in 2003.

Alexan Harutiunyan agreed with the journalists that there are few
political shows on the Public Channel. The chair of the Public
Television and Radio said as the election is drawing nearer, the
number of political show will increase and there will be shows
which will appear every day. And soon in two weeks the viewers
can watch a new political talk show with a conventional title -
Europolis. The title was chosen for two reasons, the problems of
European integration will be discussed, and besides it is connected
with the recent past. Europolis is the name of the city we expected
the Europeans to build in Armenia after the earthquake in 1988,
reminds Alexan Harutiunyan.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress