Lragir, Armenia
Nov 29 2006

While the ruling parties are conducting a political campaign under the
name of charity, there is abundance of calls inviting the opposition to
fight on a common front. On November 29 the National Self-Determination
Union came up with such a call.

The National Self-Determination Union suggests taking into
consideration that "without fundamental changes in the political
life of Armenia the parliamentary election in 2007, as another
manifestation of the democratic process, is doomed to failure." It
should also be taken into consideration that material values are
distributed, the ideological struggle typical of election has turned
into "a contest of hiring hundreds of thousands of people who have
become agents. It is known that the network of agents of no state of
the world has worked, is working and will work for the development
of the Republic of Armenia."

In conclusion, "Today there is only one way of battling the criminal
elements, who have launched a wild election campaign and divided
the parliament among themselves in their secret meetings: all the
political forces should come together and form a common front, and
with the general support of people isolate and oust these forces and
their marionettes from the public and political sphere."