[08:57 pm] 30 October, 2008

Two of the seventeen patients diagnosed with intestinal infection and
hospitalized in the contagion department of the Alaverdi hospital were
transferred out of the hospital today and new patients were transferred
in. In fact, this was an outburst: seven patients from one family.

There are currently 24 patients in the contagion department. Besides
the local doctors, chief expert of the contagious and non-contagious
epidemic illnesses section of the hygienic epidemiological department
of the Ministry of Health Liana Torosyan was also there. Torosyan
has been at the hospital the first day when the hospital received a
call for the spread of the contagion cases. Liana Torosyan mentioned
that they conducted bacterial investigations and the cause is still
not clear. They are currently working on some models so that they
can continue the investigations in Yerevan.

The cause for the intestinal infection cases in the Sarahart district
of Alaverdi is probably the water because on October 22 there was a
sewer accident, as mentioned by the epidemiologist. Contagion expert
of the Alaverdi hospital Suren Lalayan said that the situation of
the patients is not critical. According to him, this is a new illness
and he hasn't seen anything like this in his 30-year career.

The heads and experts of the northeast branch of "ArmWaterSewer"
CJSC paid a visit to Alaverdi to conduct further investigation and
check-up on the accidents in order to investigate the water samples
in the company's branch located in Sevan. However, the deputy director
of the northeastern branch of the "WaterSewer" CJSC claims that there
haven't been any digressions in the quality of water in his conducted
investigations to date.