[07:01 pm] 30 October, 2008

In a meeting with the NA Chairman yesterday member of the "Prosperous
Armenia" faction and member of the March 1 temporary commission Naira
Zohrabyan proposed to send the film presented by the opposition to
an international expert examination to find out whether it was edited
or not.

If it's not about particular scenes, but rather the entire film,
then there is no sense in wasting time and money to conduct an expert
examination. It is more than clear that if it is a film in which there
are different scenes showing the events that took place in different
periods, then it's obvious that those scenes were clipped together
during the editing.

Did the commission approve Zohrabyan's proposal and will it send
the film to an international expert examination? We found out from
president of the commission Samvel Nikoyan that that was a proposal
made right off the bat, that nobody had ever expressed the wish to
do that and that he doesn't find it suitable to send the film to an
expert examination.

"Your cameraman said that he had filmed the scene with the jaw and
blood. I believe that he shot that scene and that it is unedited,"
told "A1+" Samvel Nikoyan. He added that the commission had received
a conclusion from experts saying that it was the jaw of an omnivorous
animal and that the commission currently has no facts to prove the
opposite. So, it turns out that Nikoyan doesn't trust Shota Vardanyan
who concluded that that was the jaw of a piglet.

Question: Why didn't police find the jaw of the piglet in the lake
of blood as a result of an on-the-spot examination after the events
of March 1 and 2?

Perhaps this is a question that the commission members should raise
after several meetings with head of the investigative group Vahagn
Harutyunyan and not the journalists.