Expert: Russia made the most of strategic alliance with Armenia
31.10.2008 16:35 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Presently, recognition of Nagorno Karabakh's
independence is non-topical for Russia, according to Alexander Dugin,
head of the center of geopolitical expertise, leader of the
international Eurasian movement.

`It's much more important for Russia to establish strategic
partnership with Turkey and Azerbaijan now. To rebuff the Atlantic
strategy, Russia should enlist Turkey's strategic neutrality and an
alliance with Azerbaijan,' he said, adding that Moscow has made the
most of strategic alliance with Armenia.

`Under the circumstances, much depends of Turkey and
Azerbaijan. Recognition of Nagorno Karabakh would be a maximally
unfavorable scenario. Although, Russia is interested to maintain the
status quo and its bases in the territory,' he said.

`As far as I know, Russia has developed a plan envisaging deployment
of Russian peacekeepers and withdrawal of Armenian troops from
Karabakh, as a part of the settlement process.'

`All these plans are conditioned by Russia's intention to resolve
regional problems without U.S. interference, which incites new
inter-ethnic clashes in the region, like it was in case with South
Ossetia,' Dugin said, reports.