Today.Az, Azerbaijan
Nov 1 2008

Ambassador of China: "Like the issue of Taiwan, the Karabakh conflict
is also complicated by the interests of super states"

01 November 2008 [12:45] - Today.Az

"We support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan,
said ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of China to
Azerbaijan Chian Hanchou.

According to him, the Karabakh issue is complicated and its settlement
will require wisdom.

"I think both Azerbaijani and Armenian people do not want to be
enemies and I hope that they will manage to settle existing
differences", said he.

The Chinese ambassador considers that like in Taiwan issue and
everywhere the factor of super states is also present in the Karabakh

"But I think that the peaceful and rational settlement of the issue,
especially, the territorial issue will be useful for the conflict
parties and for the states, which have their interests in this
region. I am confident that everyone will welcome the establishment of
peace. For this purpose, it is necessary to find a way to the
resolution of the problem and I think that Azerbaijani people is wise
enough to reach this goal", concluded the Chinese ambassador.