AssA-Irada, Azerbaijan
October 30, 2008 Thursday


Turkish President Abdullah Gul has indicated that his country may
re-open its border with Armenia. Gul told journalists he believed the
relations between the two countries would develop. Armenia and Turkey
have no diplomatic ties and the border between the two countries has
been closed since 1993 on Ankaras insistence due to Armenias policy of
occupation against Azerbaijan and the Armenian genocide claims. Asked
whether a specific step like the opening of the border would be taken
in the foreseeable future, Gul said it was important to support such
initiatives. He said the situation has changed for the better in
Azerbaijan and Armenia, which raises hopes that the two countries,
which are facing a long-standing conflict, would be able to rectify
relations. Turkish media quoted President Gul as saying that his
recent visit to Armenia had fostered a new mood in relations. Gul
visited Yerevan in September at the invitation of his Armenian
counterpart to attend a 2010 World Cup qualifying soccer match between
the two national teams, in what was seen as a landmark encounter
designed to thaw relations and foster dialog. Abdullah Gul became the
first Turkish leader to visit Armenia.