[07:37 pm] 06 November, 2008

A group of anonymous people murdered a 22 year-old Armenian student
in St. Petersburg. According to Russian presses, the murder took
place yesterday at 9:10 p.m. in the Moscow district of St. Petersburg.

The student of the St. Petersburg finance/economy university wanted
to park his "Zhiguli" brand name car near house #24 on Balagodatni
street. However, as he stepped out of his car, a group of unknown
people opened fire at him and fled the scene. Experts found 5 guns
on the scene of the crime. According to the preliminary version,
the murder was ordered because the Armenian student was owner of the
"Myasnov" trade center and co-owner of the "Zeth" club along with
his brother.

Preliminary investigation is underway.