[04:22 pm] 27 November, 2008

Next week the European Commission will propose member countries ways
to improve relations with Eastern European countries, according to
head of the European Commission's Delegation in Armenia, Ambassador
Raul de Luzenberger.

According to him, this cooperation does not substitute for the European
Neighborhood Policy. The main components of the document are the same,
but in this case, the European Union will show more willingness and

The first component is the willingness to open a European market,
which is also stated in the European Neighborhood Policy. In this
case, however, the market will be open through free trade, territory
and zones and a treaty will be signed with each member country.

"This is not new to Armenia because it has already reached that point,"
said head of the European Commission's Delegation in Armenia.

The second component is even more in the interest of Armenia. According
to that component, the EU must facilitate the process of obtaining
visas in the framework of the migration management and recovery

"This is a very fragile sphere and that proposal is especially
important for the European Union. In order to accomplish this, there
has to be rational level of protection within EU borders," said Raul
de Luzenberger.

The third component is the increase in level of dialogue. According
to Raul de Luzenberger, member countries are complaining about lack
of attention.