Nov 28 2008

VivaCell-MTS Invests AMD 33.2 mln in Revival of Dilijan Art School

Yerevan. "OREANDA-NEWS . November 28, 2008. VivaCell-MTS announces the
completion of renovation works of Dilijan Art School. The school
renovation included the stage, rest rooms, rooftop, as well as the
faÕ»ade of the building. On top of that, a heating system was
installed. This project was accomplished thanks to VivaCell-MTS AMD
33.2 million of social investment.

Dilijan Art School after Honored Art worker, painter Hovhannes
Sharambeyan, has not seen any renovation since the date of its
foundation in 1970. VivaCell-MTS extended hand for support out of the
belief that this will revive this long forgotten school. And now,
after undergoing total interior and exterior renovation, the school
marks its new beginning.

By encouraging our children to embrace art, we preserve our
self-identity by means of engaging in arts, and we pass on our
heritage to the younger generation. We cant be indifferent to the
annoying fact that many young Armenians are now at the risk of
forgetting their heritage and culture, - VivaCell-MTS General Manager
Ralph Yirikian noted.

The rejuvenated educational institution will from now on carry out its
traditional mission using modern approaches. It will care for the
preservation and development of national traditions in the sphere of
decorative-applied arts and fine arts. The school will again host the
disintegrated hobby and creative groups.

No doubt, nowadays the rebirth of this kind of educational institution
is of paramount importance for all communities of Armenia, and this
was the major argument for VivaCell-MTS to invest in the Art School in
Dilijan, a small town of hospitable people surrounded by wonderful