Nov 10 2009

Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun, or ARF-D)
parliamentary faction intends to present its own proposals on the
Republic of Armenia 2010 State Budget, member of Standing Committee
on Economic Issues MP Ara Nranyan stated. The discussion of the state
budget is already on the agenda. A number of ministries have presented
their sections of the state financing program.

"We aren't optimistic. Unfortunately, we see positive inclinations
neither in the budget under discussion nor in the economic policy"
Nranyan stated.

According to the member of parliament, according to law, if the 2010
budget isn't approved, the budget of the current year will be adopted,
which is "in a better state."

Nranyan said that the government isn't solving the problems and isn't
able to overcome the consequences of the crisis. ARF-D's position on
the issue hasn't changed: the government is simply playing with time,
until the consequences of the crisis mitigate a little all over the
world, while in developed countries a economic rise is recorded,
which will naturally reflect upon Armenia.

"It turns out that the government, basically closes the year
2009 at the expense of external funds and also pins hope on the
so-called preferential loans coming from abroad, but they are not so
preferential, in fact," Nranyan said.

The analyst also added that the political majority doesn't approve
the 2010 state budget. But that very majority, according to the MP,
doesn't vote against it either. "That would mean that the entire
economic policy failed," said Nranyan.

But in Amrenia, according to Nranyan, they don't admit their own
mistakes. ARF-D representative defined the draft budget in this way:
"One could say, there is no budget."