2009-11-13 12:31:00

ArmInfo. "Our demand is only one: not to open the uranium deposit and
to stop any action in regard to uranium," said Khoren Harutyunyan, the
Chairman of "Azatamart" Committee dealing with the protection of the
family members' rights of deceased and wounded fighters in Kapan. He
said that the committee is preparing a protest demonstration directed
against the development of the uranium deposit in Syunik Marz and is
drawing up a letter to the highest state bodies. "It's not only our
problem. Syunik Marz is the heart of Armenia. No Syunik, no Armenia,"
he said, Ecolur organization told ArmInfo.

It should be noted that the day before "EcoLur" Monitoring Group met
Lernadzor Community in the territory where "Armenian-Russian Mining
Company" is currently carrying out investigations of uranium reserves.

Out of 9 small communities, 4 communities including Lernadzor Village
is located in the territory of investigations.

The entrance to the mine which was opened by Gromov's uranium
expedition in the early 60's, is closed at present. The entrance is
situated 300 m away from e Community Head Stepan Petrosyan's house.

"I have been building my house for many years for my grandchildren to
stay and live here. Now I don't know to complete it or not. I will
make barriers on the balcony so as the children wouldn't fall down,
and that's it," Stepan Petrosyan said.

The old residents remember that in time of investigations carried
out by Gromov's expedition they observed a decrease in new-born calves.

"If so, it is dangerous for people as well:. Let this project leaders
to come and live here with their children:. then we will probably
believe that this uranium project is safe:," such statements were made
by Lernadzor residents during the meeting with "EcoLur" on 1 November.

Lernadzor residents made a decision to begin signature collecting
against the uranium project and to acquire from the state guarantees
for the protection of their rights.

In November 2007 the Government of Armenia resolved to join the
Russian-Kazakh agreement on establishment of an international center
of uranium enrichment in Angrask. Rosatom Corporation predicts nearly
30,000 tons of uranium reserves in Syunik region. Specialists say
the project may prove quite profitable given the current uranium
price. On April 22 2008 Armenia and Russia signed a contract to set
up the Armenian-Russian Mining Company JV CJSC on parity basis.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress