Anadolu Agency, Turkey
Nov 13 2009

Turkey's EU negotiator urges Swedish parliament not to adopt Armenian bill

Stockholm, 13 November: Turkish State Minister & Chief Negotiator for
the EU talks Egemen Bagis said on Friday [13 November] that Turkey was
not disregarding its problems any more but try to solve them.

"If we work hand in hand, Turkey may become the centre of peace and
tranquillity in its region in the next 10 years," Bagis said.

Bagis took the floor at "Security and Development Policies Institute",
and at a meeting where journalists, representatives of think-tank
organizations and politicians attended and briefed them about the
developments in Turkey and relations with the EU.

Releasing a statement after the talks, Bagis said the decisions made
related with the Armenian allegations in the congress of Social
Democrat Party in Sweden regarding 1915 incidents offended Turkish

"I hope the decisions in question would not be passed from the Swedish
Parliament," Bagis said.

Bagis later proceeded to Swedish Parliament and met Swedish
Parliament's Foreign Affairs Commission Chairman Goran Lennmark.

Lennmark extended support to Turkey's EU bid and noted that Turkey's
membership to the EU would be in the interests of both parties. He
also eulogized Turkey's reforms.

Bagis is expected to attend a lunch to be hosted by International
Development Cooperation Minister Gunilla Carlsson and later have a
tete-a-tete meeting with Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.